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Triads  by  Stephen Dobson

Triads by Stephen Dobson
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Okay, its about as the description says, high-speed, emotionless, uber smart, uber tough space soldiers that fight aliens from some unknown dimension. Seriously the whole book has no emotional impact whatsoever, which I guess, is true to its word on that, as its drier than a PowerPoint presentation.

Seriously, we live in a world of emotion, regardless if youre an emotionless professional. Ive shut out emotions kicking in doors for real and then went full bore emotive when I was wrestling an Iraqi to the floor.However... its saving grace (which is why it has two stars) is its interaction with the characters is pretty good. If the author put some time in actually expressing emotion than trying to wow us with the techno gear, then maybe it would have been better (like how do you time travel in the same room with no time traveling device?).

David Drakes worst story even draws your attention. Even Major Steuben, the most sociopathic character, had emotion. Not the best, but he radiated his lethality, even though he was a short guy.If its his first book, got it, but still, there are real heroes out there who arent uber-tough, and uber-smart, theyve been in Iraq and Afghanistan, and doing far more than this bunch ever did.

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