Bright-Endings Sydney Douglas Smith


Published: September 4th 2014



Bright-Endings  by  Sydney Douglas Smith

Bright-Endings by Sydney Douglas Smith
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No one can go back and make a brand new start, however, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.(Carl Bard)Sounds simple doesnt it? But the truth is in order to start from now and make a brand new ending we need to look back, sometimes a long way and work out what we have done, why we did it, what we learned from it.Most of us will discover that along the way of life the things we thought would happen or planned to happen never eventuated.I call this an obscuring of the goals. Our goals are things we thought we would achieve by now and they got obscured for a great variety of reasons some of which I will explore in this book but really life happens and things change and to a degree for most of us the goal posts are moved.The non-achievement of our goals can lead many of us to feel as if we have failed in life but if we look at our life in context, something we seldom do unless prompted I doubt that we would be classed as failures.This book helps the reader to re-assess then with a new mindset start again.I have written this book as a Christian man who has a belief in Jesus and a faith in God but it is not my intent to convert or subject the reader to my faith.If you are not a believer then that is ok, the concepts and tools which I present to you in this book I know will find valuable to help you assess where you are in life now and allow you to discover how you feel about yourself and move on to develop a new plan with a “Bright Ending” in mind.However I have noticed a great difference in my attitude toward life, towards others and how I view the mistakes I have made since I became a Christian.

I am somehow different, more positive, more accepting and stronger because of my faith and have noticed the same in other Christian clients.

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