Red Hot & Howling: Were Hardcore #1 - Werewolf / ShapeShifter Erotica Dahlia Black


Published: April 24th 2011



Red Hot & Howling: Were Hardcore #1 - Werewolf / ShapeShifter Erotica  by  Dahlia Black

Red Hot & Howling: Were Hardcore #1 - Werewolf / ShapeShifter Erotica by Dahlia Black
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Violet could never hold down a relationship. Two legged men just didnt do it for her. She just thought of herself as different from everybody else and decided it was her destiny to always be alone and unhappy.That was before she met HIM at the Howlin Hectares Wolf Sanctuary and he really brought out the beast in her!This story is 2,750 words approximately.CAUTION! EXTREMELY explicit! Adults ONLY!Teaser -She pulled two beers from the fridge and opened them, handed one to the stranger.Oh, my God, what the fuck am I doing? I could wind up dead here!

He could be some sexually deviant killer.“I cant really deny being either of those things, but I dont usually indulge in both of them at the same time,” he thew her that sexy smile and she giggled, not even noticing hed actually answered her thought. And then it dawned on her, and she almost choked on her beer.“You can read my mind?” she asked, although at this point, the answer was hardly in question.

“Oh, brother. What the hell did I get myself into?”“The monster fuck of your life, babe,” he told her.She was almost insane with need now. She couldnt wait any longer. She wanted this man, whatever the consequences were. There was no time for getting-to-know-you niceties. She had to give in to this overwhelming lust she felt, just to see if, finally, her cravings, her needs, her desires, could actually be sated. And if he was some sort of insane killer who wanted to slit her open and eat her guts, she didnt really care.

One way or another, tonight would change her life, forever...

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