The Father of Fomoria John W. Schreiber


Published: September 17th 2012

Kindle Edition

366 pages


The Father of Fomoria  by  John W. Schreiber

The Father of Fomoria by John W. Schreiber
September 17th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 366 pages | ISBN: | 10.41 Mb

Say goodbye to the conventional fantasy novels with elves and dwarves. This is a reinvention of the typical expectations and stereotypes for fantasy novels. It is written to reach a broader audience and perhaps convert a few to the fantasy genre.Ronin was born into slavery on a farm in the province of Lochmead called Drognars Den in the territory of Lorford.

His race is that of a satyr-like people. His parents are the only ones who know about his existence. If he is found he will be enslaved with the rest of his people. Volume 1 explores much of the mystery of the world of Angkor.Join Ronin and his struggle to learn the mysteries of the world of Angkor as he escapes the cruel reach of King Adam Olinthar L. A chance encounter with an old mage takes Ronin thousands of miles north of the farm to safety as the kings army searches for him.

His adventure will take him all the way to the north to found a new territory known as Fomoria.

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